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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to smooth lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They are more commonly referred to as ‘Botox’.

Please see our services page for more information about anti-wrinkle injections

While they aim to achieve the same results in some cases, an anti-wrinkle injection is used to relax muscles whereas fillers quite literally ‘fill’ the wrinkles in.

  • Fillers can also be used for augmenting facial features as well as filling in wrinkles.
  • If you are unsure which would benefit you better, please contact us and book a consultation.

We inject a natural protein into your skin to relax the muscles. This basically temporarily prevents that muscle from contracting which reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

This treatment is primarily for aging skin or areas prone to creasing such as the forehead, around the eyes and lips, and at the sides of the mouth (laugh lines).

The benefits of this treatment are relaxing the muscles your face will look younger as it will be less prone to causing lines and existing lines become less visible.

This procedure doesn’t usually cause pain as a fine needle is used.

If you are nervous about the procedure, please speak to us about this and we can use ice to numb the area.

Generally speaking, this should last a few months. We recommend repeating the treatment a few times a year to maintain the results.

Chemical Peels

The word ‘chemical’ sounds daunting, but a chemical peel is a safe and tested solution that is applied to remove the top layer of skin from the face.

By removing the top layer, we remove the dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new skin cells. This can improve the appearance of scarring as well as the overall texture of the skin.

– We are able to offer superficial, medium, and deep chemical peels, depending on your requirements.

You shouldn’t have a chemical peel too often but every four-six weeks is recommended. This maintains and ensures that your skin always looks its best.

For more information, please speak to one of our practitioners or see our services page

You should notice a difference shortly after your first treatment. If maintained, the results should improve with time.

This depends upon the strength of the chemical peel – the stronger the solution, the longer recovery takes.

  • For a medium peel, anywhere up to two weeks is normal.
  • Please always contact us if you feel it is taking too long.

Depending upon your product-use at home, you may need to pause using products containing certain substances before treatment, especially any exfoliating products or products that may dry out your skin. Your practitioner will always advise you regarding this.

  • The day before treatment, please discontinue use of anything containing alpha or beta hydroxyl acids or benzoyl peroxide.
  • On the day of treatment, we advise not wearing make-up except on eyes and lips.

Your skin will be quite sensitive after a chemical peel, we recommend the following:

  • Always ensure you are using sun cream directly after a treatment to avoid sun damage.
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!
  • Wash your face in cool water as this can soothe your face.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise directly after.
  • We often recommend a period of time without wearing make up to allow the skin chance to heal.

Dermal Fillers

Often results are instant, but it can be 7-10 days until you see the ‘final result’. As with many injected treatments, there is sometimes a bit of swelling or bruising which can take a few days to settle.

– The best bit is that dermal fillers often look more natural than alterations achieved through cosmetic surgery.

A dermal filler is a soft tissue filler that is injected into the skin. Our experts inject the solution into the skin at different depths to ensure that skin appears smoother and your wrinkles are reduced.

This treatment can be used to:

  • Provide volume
  • Smooth blemished or uneven skin
  • Fill out wrinkles
  • Augment specific facial features

Dermal fillers use a natural substance called hyaluronic acid – don’t be put off by the name, it is perfectly safe when used by a professional.

– Our professional registered Practitioners will administer injections to the desired area at different depths within the skin.

– Find out more on our services page.

A dermal filler will typically last between 6 and 18 months. We advise returning every 6-18 months to keep the treatment effective and so you continue to see the results you want.

Our team are happy to discuss the most effective way to maintain and enjoy the lasting effects of dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers can be used on fine lines and wrinkles in many areas on the face, including laugh lines on cheeks, lines around the eyes and lips, and forehead creases.

  • They are also effective for defining the jaw line, filling out the cheeks, and shaping the nose.
  • We also use them around the eyes to reduce the look of tiredness.

This treatment can cause swelling or bruising in the treated areas. This can range from mild to severe.

  • Treated areas may look ‘too full’ to begin with, this should ease.
  • Other side effects include temporary redness or numbness and lumps at the injection site.


A facial is a skin treatment aimed at cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and nourishing the skin on the face.

  • We start by cleansing your face of any make up or excess oil and then exfoliate the skin to remove any hidden impurities.
  • We also apply a face mask which is targeted at your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin we will focus on moisturising.
  • We will also recommend a skin routine you can follow at home so you have beautiful skin every day.

As this is a multi-faceted treatment that is also quite relaxing, these can take longer than the average treatment. It can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes, depending on which treatment you select.

We recommend getting a facial every three-four weeks to ensure your skin maintains a healthy glow.

No. A facial is an enjoyable experience for most people. It includes a massage to stimulate skin cell growth and also has the pleasant side-effect of releasing stress and tension.

A facial is great for healthy skin. It can affect your skin in many different ways:

  • Removing impurities
  • Can treat acne
  • Improves circulation and skin appearance.

Please check out our services page for a full list of benefits.

If you have repeated treatments, you should see continued improvement. After your first facial, you should see improvement for a few days – longer if you follow our at-home skincare advice.

Fat Dissolving Injections

A fat removal therapy which reduces fat deposits in many areas such as the stomach, outer and inner thighs, and the chin area.

A solution is injected into the tissues of the chosen area which liquefies the fat cell and destroys it permanently. The cells are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

You should notice a visible difference within six weeks with subsequent treatments giving a more improved result. It is recommended to have 4-5 consequent sessions.

The treatment is permanent. Once the fat cells have been destroyed they are removed from the body however if you have have an increasingly bad diet your body will only create more fat. The treatment results will continue to show through the years if you maintain a good diet and regular exercise.

Aqualyx is a safe as once it is injected and the fat cells are destroyed they will be excreted through the lymphatic system naturally.


Mesotherapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical technique that applies a cocktail of ingredients to your skin. Mesotherapy is applied via a series of micro-injections into the subcutaneous fat under the skin

In more detail, the ingredients consist of plant extracts, vitamins, homeopathic preparations, and pharmaceutical substances that have proven to improve the skin’s health and appearance.

Most procedures take around thirty minutes to complete. We recommend a course of treatments to see the full effects, usually one every two-three weeks for a couple of months.

It’s best to discuss this in more detail with one of our practitioners or have a browse of our services page.

You should see results almost immediately and the length these last varies from person-to-person. On average, the effects of treatment last around a week.

We do recommend a course of treatments over a few months at first and the results improve over time. If maintained, the results should last indefinitely.

In short, no. Mesotherapy is designed to improve the skin texture and it cannot replace volume loss. However, it can improve the appearance of areas where there is volume-loss.

– In some cases, it can prolong the life of a filler and can still be used on skin with fillers.

Mesotherapy has a series of health benefits for the skin, including acting like a detox for the face.

  • It improves the look and feel of tired or dull-looking skin.
  • It is also effective against acne, signs of ageing, and hyperpigmentation.

If you are unsure about a treatment, please do discuss this further with one of our practitioners.

Mesotherapy should not be painful but it can be slightly uncomfortable. We are able to use anaesthetising cream for people who suffer with sensitive skin or who would prefer it.

Our experts are here for your care so if you are concerned about this, please have a chat with one of us.

Vitamin Injections

Vitamin injections are a direct way of introducing nutrients into your bloodstream. We  use a mix of vitamins that are good for your skin and body.

  • Injecting vitamins directly into your bloodstream ensures maximum absorption.
  • You should feel lifestyle benefits as well as aesthetic improvement.

The injections apply a concentration of nutrients into your body which can have the following effects:

  • Smoother, healthier looking skin
  • Benefits the immune system
  • Makes you feel healthier and can boost your mood
  • Increases physical functions
  • Improves mental functions

Please see our services page for more information on the benefits of vitamin injections.

This varies from person-to-person. The effects should be noticeable from the day of treatment. You can lose the full effect after a month or two.

Your body processes all of the nutrients so repeat treatments are recommended to maintain the results.

An injection is applied directly to your bloodstream so it makes absorption much more likely than taking a tablet or adjusting your diet.

There can be slight pain when the injection is administered. Some clients find that the area of injection hurts after the injection for a few hours. This should reduce within 24 hours, like any medical injection.

This is a very quick treatment, 5-10 minutes on average.

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