10 Skincare Tips During Lockdown

Taking care of our skin can sometimes be challenging. The changes in the weather, wearing a face mask for hours at a time, and other environmental factors can make caring for our skin that much more difficult. Still, with the right skincare routine and some helpful advice from the skincare experts at Belushi Aesthetics, you can have flawless looking skin that is healthy and beautiful.

10 Skincare Tips During Lockdown

Moisturise Both Day And Night- you should moisturise your skin twice a day, typically in the morning and in the evening. Add moisturiser right after your shower while your skin is still wet to lock in the additional moisture.

Stop Touching Your Face- studies have shown that we touch our face a lot. This can lead to blemishes and breakouts as we unknowingly spread bacteria to our face. These blemishes and breakouts can lead to scarring and an increase in wrinkles.

Hydrate Inside And Out- one of the best ways to care for your skin is to keep it hydrated. You should hydrate both inside and out by drinking more water and using a high quality moisturiser with a hydrating formula.

Avoid Direct Heat Exposure- while that extra bit of heat might feel good on a cold morning, you should avoid direct heat exposure to your skin. Heaters, bonfires, and fireplaces can cause inflammation and collagen breakdown.

Exfoliate- you should exfoliate a couple times per week to keep your skin looking healthy and bright while removing dead skin cells.

Eat Healthy- a healthy diet has been shown to promote healthy skin by providing it with the nutrients it needs to retain moisture. Avoid foods with a high glycaemic index (simple and complex carbohydrates).

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly- makeup brushes can be the perfect hiding places for dirt, oils, and bacteria. You should clean your concealer and foundation brushes once a week, brushes you use around your eyes, twice per month, and other makeup brushes, once a month.

Wear Sunscreen 365 Days A Year- rain or shine, indoors or out, sunscreen can help protect your skin from damaging UV rays which can cause creases and wrinkles and increase the effects of aging.

Declutter Your Skincare Routine- you declutter your house to become more efficient, why not declutter your skincare routine as well? Using fewer skincare ingredients could leave you with healthier skin that is easier to care for.

Sleep Better- not only does getting enough sleep at night help to keep your skin healthy and younger looking but changing your pillowcase can have an impact on your skin’s appearance as well. Using silk pillowcases will enable your skin to glide easily across it while you sleep, preventing creases and wrinkles.

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